Video Tours - Snappin Lappin Photography

HD Video Tours:

1) Small Video Tour- For homes up to 2,000 Sq.ft - Video Length 1-2 minutes- $250.

2) Large Video Tour- For homes 2,000-6,000 Sq.ft - Video Length 2-5 minutes- $325.

3) Exterior/Aerial Video Tour- Video size varies from 1-2 minutes in length. $300 HD

Video Tour add on options:

1) Aerial Footage-$100 for the small tour. $150 for the large tour.

2) Professional script writing and voiceover- $100 for the small tour. $150 for the large tour.


* Both a branded and non-branded version will be provided for all three tours.

* Properties larger than 6000 Sq.ft- please contact for a quote.

* Editor chooses the appropriate music.

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