Services and Rates:

Hello! My current 2020 rates are detailed below. Please email or contact me at 207-216-3737 with any questions.

Maximum travel distance per shoot- Up to a 20 mile radius of South Berwick, Maine, 03908 (totaling a 50 mile round trip; an additional $.75 per mile will be added after that). I shoot with high end professional cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment (See FAQ). In addition, my retouching and video editing is done on a late model 27" iMac with a color calibrated 5k screen. I use Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro (for video).  All images will be correctly resized and delivered via Dropbox.

All of my photography services include aerial photos when appropriate (weather dependent).

Photography Services:

1) Up to 2,500 Sq.ft- $200 Up to 20 fully retouched photos including aerials.

2) Up to 2,500 Sq.ft- $250. 21-30 fully retouched photos including aerials.

3) Up to 2,750 Sq.ft- $300. 31-40 fully retouched photos including aerials.

4) 2,750-3,400 Sq.ft. $350. 35-40 fully retouched photos including aerials.

5) 3,400-5,000 Sq.ft. $425. 41-45 fully retouched photos including aerials.

6) 5,000-6,000 Sq.ft. $500. 45+ fully retouched photos including aerials.

7) 6,000+ Sq.ft or other very large properties- please call for a quote.


8) Dedicated Aerial/Exterior Shoot- $150. This rate includes the shoot and up to 20 fully retouched Aerial and/or Exterior (from the ground) photos. Additional photos are billed at $12 per photo.


Return Visit Charge- In the event that you are unable to attend the shoot, as always I will do my very best to provide the best photos and angles to properly showcase and market the property. However, please be aware that any specific and/or unusual angles need to be discussed with me beforehand so that I know to shoot them. Otherwise, an additional charge may be added for a return trip. This rate will vary depending on the circumstances.


9) Seasonal Reshoots of Exterior- Aerials and/or Exterior Ground Shots.   Only available on properties I've previously photographed. All other properties see #8- $100                                                                                         

10) Twilight Exterior Shoot- As an add on to any job- $225 (3-5 Photos). 

                                                  Stand alone shoot- $250 (3-5 Photos).

11) Video Services (click here)

NOTE: Rates are subject to change at any time. 



Professional Headshots Group Deal$75 per agent for two fully retouched head shots (minimum of three agents per shoot) per agent.  

This is how it works: I will come to your office location and set up in a convenient room (i.e. conference room, office, etc…) with a portable backdrop (if required) and full lighting setup. I will do the shoot of yourself and at least two other agents who also need head shots.

Each agent will take me about 10-15 minutes to shoot; producing anywhere between 25-50 images per agent. You may choose two images (low res proofs will be sent via Dropbox) that I will fully retouch and deliver to you in full resolution.

Keep in mind that I need to be able to photograph at least three agents per session. Gather up two or more of your colleagues and we can book the shoot! I know that head shots are very important for business cards, websites, brochures, etc…. This is another way for you to get to know me as I continue to build my business.

Standard Shoot- $150 1-2 hours for the shoot. $75 per hour for retouching. You may select as many images as you'd like for retouching. Finished images will be delivered to you in high resolution via Dropbox. Depending on the level of retouching, most images average 20-30 minutes of retouching per image using Lightroom and Photoshop.

NOTE: The $150 covers the shoot and travel time only; not the images. Images are billed at $75 per hour retouching (they are not billed per image as different levels of retouching are needed for different images). I realize this is a different approach than how most photographers charge; but it works well for me. Additional shooting time beyond the 2 hours will be billed at $75 per hour. 


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