Services and Rates:

Hello! My current 2023 rates (no change from 2022) are detailed below. Please email or contact me at 207-216-3737 with any questions.

Maximum travel distance per shoot- Up to a 20 mile radius of South Berwick, Maine, 03908 (totaling a 40 mile round trip; an additional $1.00 per mile will be added after that). I shoot with high end professional cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment (See FAQ). I use Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro (for video).  All images will be correctly resized and delivered via Dropbox or an emailed Zip folder.

All of my photography services include aerial photos when appropriate (weather dependent).

Photography Services:

SLP Standard Real Estate Photography Rates- All "Real Estate" photos on my website are the exact images delivered to my clients (not all delivered photos from a given shoot are included on my site). 

1) Up to 2,500  Sq.ft- $225. Up to 20 fully retouched photos including aerials.

2) Up to 2,500 Sq.ft- $275. 21-29 fully retouched photos including aerials.

3) Up to 2,750 Sq.ft- $325. 30-40 fully retouched photos including aerials.

4) 2,750-3,400 Sq.ft. $375. 30-40 fully retouched photos including aerials.

5) 3,400-5,000 Sq.ft. $475. 41-45 fully retouched photos including aerials.

6) 5,000-6,000 Sq.ft. $575. 45+ fully retouched photos including aerials.

7) 6,000+ Sq.ft or other very large properties- please call for a quote.

Luxury Real Estate Properties- High end luxury properties require much more time and attention to detail than the more standard real estate shoots. This fact applies to both the shooting process, and most importantly to the post production work (where the vast majority of my time is spent). For this reason, high end homes do not fit into my “Standard Pricing Tiers” as listed above. These properties fall somewhere in between my standard real estate jobs and my highest end architectural projects (I have many examples here on my site).

These high end photography projects are shot at an hourly rate of $90. This hourly rate is for both the photo shoot as well as the post production work. The overall time spent will vary depending on the needs of a particular project. After a brief consultation as well as a possible on site evaluation (at no charge), I will provide you with an estimate of what I believe the shoot and post work will cost. We can then decide based on your budget, how much time you would like me to spend on site, as well as in post where I create the final images.

Example: A 5,000 Sq.ft. $6M luxury property may take 4 hours to properly shoot and up to 8 hours of post work to produce 40-50 final images with a final invoice of $1,080. If your budget is less, let’s say $750 for the same property, we will discuss how we can best scale back, either in hours on site, number of delivered photos, or less post production hours to meet your budget. I am very flexible and easy to work with. My goal is simply to provide you with a superb final product at a fair price for both of us.

This is my very best real estate photography work and is certainly worth considering for very high end listings. There are many examples of this work throughout my website. I’d be more than happy to discuss this in more detail with you so feel free to contact me.


8) Dedicated Aerial/Exterior Shoot- $200. This rate includes the shoot and up to 20 fully retouched Aerial and/or Exterior (from the ground) photos. Additional photos are billed at $12 per photo.


9) Return Trip for Better Exteriors Due to Weather- $50-$75. Occasionally on high-end properties it is necessary to do two separate shoots: one for interiors and a second shoot for exteriors. This is almost always do to weather conditions, bad sun angle, tide, interiors not being quite ready but the weather is ideal for exteriors, etc... The $50-$75 covers the extra travel time and scheduling of the second shoot. 

Return Visit Charge- In the event that you are unable to attend the shoot, as always I will do my very best to provide the best photos and angles to properly showcase and market the property. However, please be aware that any specific and/or unusual angles need to be discussed with me beforehand so that I know to shoot them. Otherwise, an additional charge may be added for a return trip. This rate will vary depending on the circumstances.


10) Seasonal Reshoots of Exterior- Aerials and/or Exterior Ground Shots.   Only available on properties I've previously photographed. All other properties see #8- $100                                                                                         

11) Twilight Exterior Shoot- $275 (up to 4 Photos).

12) Virtual Staging- $60 per photo.

Matterport 3D Tours


Up to 2,000 Sq.ft- $225 w/service- w/o service $250

2,000-3,000 Sq.ft- $250 w/service- w/o service $275  

3,000-5,000 Sq.ft- $300 w/service- w/o service $325 

After 5,000 Sq.ft add $50 per 1,000 Sq.ft

Floor Plan-$50 (only available when ordered with a Matterport tour)

iGuide 3D Tours


Up to 2,000 Sq.ft-$250 w/service- w/o service $275

2,000-3,000 Sq.ft- $275 w/service- w/o service $300

After 3,000 Sq.ft add $25 per 1,000 Sq.ft iGuide

Floor Plan- Standard floor plan is included in above prices.

Premium Floor Plan- $50. This floor plan includes appliances and fixtures (stoves, refrigerators, sinks, showers, toilets, etc...). The standard floor does not include these items.

Video Services:

HD Video Tours:

1) Small Video Tour- For homes up to 2,000 Sq.ft- Video Length 1-3 minutes- $275

2) Large Video Tour- For homes up to 2,000-6,000 Sq.ft- Video Length 3-5 minutes- $350

3) Exterior/Aerial Video Tour- Video size ranges from 1-2 minutes in length- $350

Video Tour add on options:

1) Aerial Footage- $150 for the small tour. $200 for the large tour.

2) Professional script writing and VoiceOver- $250

NOTE: Rates are subject to change at any time. 


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