How much does a typical real estate shoot cost? My rates for real estate start at $225 for a small home/condo. A more typical, average sized home/condo (up to 2,500 square feet) is $325. For larger properties and luxury homes, my fee will range from $325-$1,000+.

Do your shoots include aerial photos? Yes absolutely! Not only that, but they are also included into all of my rates as well!

How long does a typical shoot take? I shoot very quickly. The vast majority of my shoots are completed in two hours or less. This includes everything: the interior, exterior, and aerials. If I anticipate a longer shoot, I will advise you beforehand. 

What camera do you use? I shoot with high end professional cameras and lenses. My three main camera bodies are a Nikon Z6ii, Z7ii, and D850.  My two primary lenses are the Nikon 19mm Tilt-Shift and 24mm Tilt-Shift lens. I use both a Nikon 14-24mm and Sigma 14-24mm lens as well.  I also carry a 24-70mm f2.8 and 50mm f1.8 for detail shots. My aerials are done with a DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone. I am FAA licensed to fly drones professionally. 

How do you take your images? I begin by shooting a "series" of frames (or single photos) for any given image. This typically includes a 3-5 shot bracket of ambient (natural light) exposures; ranging from very dark to very bright. These "exposure brackets" capture the entire dynamic range for the image. Then, I take a series of "lit" or flashed frames using off camera strobes (usually bounced off the ceiling or other white object) which I use as my "color frame". This "lit" frame insures perfect white balance and colors. All of these images are then blended by hand using advanced blending techniques in photoshop. The flashed shot becomes the "base color layer" and the wonderful natural shadows and ambience (from the ambient shots) are brushed in on top.

This is a much more involved, advanced process and takes longer to post process than what many real estate photographers are willing to offer. Moreover, the end result is a superb, wonderfully finished image showcasing maximum detail, perfect colors, and natural ambience; all without the unwanted "color cast" most often present in HDR or ambient/available light only photos (extremely common in real estate photography). All of the images you see throughout my website are the exact images that were delivered to my clients. You can expect this high level of quality on every job. 

When will I receive the photos? For real estate clients, all images will be delivered within 24 hours after the shoot. Larger, higher end jobs may require a bit more time. In those cases, the turnaround time will be discussed beforehand. 

How are the images delivered? All images will be delivered by a dropbox link or as a Zip folder emailed directly to you. 

What exactly do I get when I hire you to produce real estate marketing photographs? You receive a very standard real estate photography license, which enables you to use the images for any purpose linked with the marketing of the property in question. This license, or the right for you to use the photographs, ends when the home is sold or re-listed. Further, the license is non-transferable, which means you are not permitted to give the images to another party not in connection with the marketing of the property. Examples would include a stager or builder who asks you for the images for their portfolios. Those parties are required to purchase those images (or license) from me.

How do I pay you? You can pay at the shoot through Venmo or by check or cash. If that isn't possible, I will email you an invoice once I deliver the photos to you. I use a program called Blinkbid for my accounting software. 

Do you work weekends? Absolutely yes I do!

How may I contact you if I have a question or would like to book a shoot? You can reach me at 207-216-3737 (my cell) or by emailing me at

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