Package Comparison

All of my images start out as a "raw file" from my Nikon D810 dslr camera. A raw file is a "digital negative" that actually looks quite dull and faded. However, these are in fact very large files (about 45 MB) that contain all of the original information that was taken by the camera's sensor.  This gives maximum retouching power because all of the info has been retained, unlike a Jpeg file.

These raw images are either single images, a "bracketed" image combining 3 exposures (as used in my professional package), or a combination of ambient/flashed exposures (as used in my premium package). 

The Original 3 Exposure, Bracketed Raw (DNG) Image. No retouching applied.

Example 1 Raw File Straight Out of Camera; No Retouching.

Professional Package: The second image in each example is the retouched photo using Adobe Lightroom without the use of photoshop. These are how the images in my  "Professional Package" are retouched. This package is my least expensive package because it takes less time to shoot and retouch each image. However, they are still very good images and work fine for MLS. The turnaround time is also much faster too. This package works great when my higher quality images are not required for a particular listing. As mentioned, this package is less expensive and the turnaround time is much faster; often delivered the same day as the shoot.

Professional Package- A Combo of 3 exposures, bracketed and retouched in Lightroom

Example 1- Professional Package Retouch

Premium Package: The third image in each example is a combination of ambient and flashed images, layered and masked together using Adobe Photoshop and further enhanced in Lightroom. These are how the images in my  "Premium Package" are retouched. This package is the more expensive package because more time is required during the shoot for the additional flash exposures, as well as the additional retouching time required for the exposure blending and masking. However, this is almost always the package that I recommend because it offers the very highest quality images and most accurate colors. In addition, I also include cloning out unwanted distractions, dirt on the floors, removing a forgotten magnet on a frig, "re-lighting" burned out bulbs, darkening reflective TV screens, or doing a TV screen replacement, smoothing out wrinkled sheets in the master bedroom, etc.... there are many many examples of the extra benefits to the Premium Package. It all depends on what is needed for a particular image.

Premium Package- Combo of ambient/flash exposures retouched in photoshop

Example 1- Premium Package Retouch

Please feel free to contact me any time regarding my packages and which one may be better suited for your particular shoot. Thanks!         

Below you will see four examples. The first image of each example is the original raw image or original bracketed HDR raw image (combined in lightroom) straight out of camera. These are the "digital negatives" that I mentioned above. These 45 MB files contain all of the color and dynamic range that are then brought out in the retouching process. The second and third images are how I processed each using both my "Professional and Premium Packages".

Example 1 Raw File No Retouch

Example 1 Professional Package

Example 1 Premium Package

Example 2 Raw File No Retouch

Example 2 Professional Package

Example 2 Premium Package

Example 3 Raw File No Retouch

Example 3 Professional Package

Example 3 Premium Package

Example 4 Raw File No Retouch

Example 4 Professional Package

Example 4 Premium Package